A quick update

September 22nd, 2015

Sorry for not updating this for a very looooooong time! We lost the password and one thing led to another. However we are back with new password. A big thank you to Sam Freeman out technical genius.
We are quickly approaching October and thanks to all our visitors in making this a good year for visitors.
We have seen 12 lambs born this year and all doing well. We didn’t put Soots, our faithful ewe who has given us a lot of pleasure and a good number of healthy lambs over the years for breeding. We thought it was time to rest her as she is getting on a bit, a bit like Ray really.
We appreciate comments good or bad and any suggestions for improvements so please don’t be afraid to put something on here.
We always have a good number of guests who return to us and Mr & Mrs Davids and Mr & Mrs Knee are leading the list with numerous visits this year. A big thank you to them. We always look forward to seeing old as well as new faces.
If we don’t see you again this year, everyone here at Sunny Pooh Corner (animals and all) wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope to see you in the New Year.
Warmest regards
Ray & Lorna

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Blog coming soon

July 27th, 2013

We will be back blogging soon hopefully! Please bear with us.


At Last! The Lambs have arrived.

May 2nd, 2012

At last our pet sheep has delivered us with 13 healthy lambs, 6 boys and 7 girls. A big thank you to David Riley who added trainee shephard to his list of achievments whilst he was staying with us. On hand 24/7, watching out for predators, escapee lambs and topping up the drinking water.
It’s Lorna’s Birthday on Saturday (5th May) and we are expecting a new carpet to arrive then. The question is, do I suggest the carpet is her Birthday present? Mmmm! May be not. Any way if anyone has any suggestions for her present please let me know.
Bookings for pitches have been coming in quite steadily and it is looking like it is going to be a good season. We appear to have moved on into some fine weather now the rain has stopped. Blue skies and very warm. Summer is on the way. Yippee!
The geese are very active at present and laying steadily everyday. Now geese are not everybodies choice of pets, but there eggs are very special. Scrambled eggs especially so. Creamy and tasty and are excellent in batter puddings and cakes. Plus the best property guards you can get. Nobody goes in or out with out them letting everybody know.
The chickens are also on their best behaviour laying lots of eggs everyday and if you come to stay with us, you must try them. Deep yellow and so very tasty. So unlike shop bought ones.
Tyler & Connor (our labs) are fine, Tyler’s arthritus is getting worse in his leg but he is soldiering on and Connor – mad as ever. Just wants to be friends with everybody.
I think that covers everybody to date.
We are looking forward to meeting our future guests, both old and new this summer. So wishing you all a safe trip and see you soon.
Lorna & Ray

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Another year begins

January 2nd, 2012

Happy New Year to friends old and new. We had a great Christmas and hope you all did to.
Where is the snow that was predicited last autumn. So far we have had rain, rain and more rain. Lorna and I are are thinking about building an Ark for the animals and us. The caravan field ground is remarkably firm, thanks to the stone path and draining we put in two years ago.
We have had the builders in, adding a bedroom into our loft. The original plan was for it to be finished by Christmas – should have known better. Scaoffolding still up, a metal girder big enough to support Blackpool Tower still sticking out our hedge and dust everywhere, regardless of the number of times it is cleaned up. What was that saying – it will be alright when it’s finished. Lets hope so.
Bookings for 2012 have been coming in so hopefully we will have a good year. The shower & toilet seems to have coped with last years usage and is going to be finished painting, tiling etc as soon as it stops raining. Currently out pet sheep are munching on the grass in the Caravan field, 7 of them hopefully will be having their lambs in the spring starting at the begining of March. The chickens are growing webbed feet and have stopped laying and looking very sorry for them selves because of the weather. So roll on Spring.
The centre of the field, which is left to grow naturally was planted with some wild flower seeds so hopefully we will see a bit more colour next year.
Well, its back to painting upstairs. Looking forward to hearing/seeing you.
Lorna & Ray

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At Last

April 25th, 2011

Spring/Easter is here and sunshine as well. Can this be England in April?

The new season has started with a full house of guests for the Easter weekend. They have all been blessed with a hot & sunny break which is what we want for all our visitors.

The shower & loo emporium is open and has been thoroughly tested and has stood up to it well. It has been a long time coming but we think worth the wait.

On the animal front we have 3 geese sitting on eggs all very snug together and we are expecting to hear the chirp of their young any day. We gave our sheep a haircut to day. We started with trepidation as these were the first sheerings for birth of us. All went well (very slowly) until we had an escapee (Dolly), half shawn, looking like a woolly jumper unravelling, running around the paddock with Lorna hot on it’s heels. Anyway, after a half an hour and a lot **$!!?? from Ray we eventually captured her and finished her grooming. We don’t think we will win any prizes and nor there will be any Ram suitors coming to visit,but they are a lot cooler. Russell the cockerel is doing his thing and hopefully will be Dad in the next week or so, fingers crossed.

We would like to thank all of you who have added comments on our blog and other sites. We really appreciate your kind words and of course if there are any suggestions for improvements please let us know.

Lorna has just finished the ironing so I had better finish this and pay attention to her (or else).  Looking forward to seeing old and new guests this year.

Ray & Lorna 


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